Amazing Oolong Tea - What Oolong Tea Can Do for Your Health

It is not really surprising that there is not much research done on the health  benefits of Oolong Tea, because it is not consumed as much as green or black tea.  By itself, Oolong also has several varieties, and that makes it difficult to do an extensive research on its beneficial properties. Yet, no one should really take for granted the benefits that this amazing tea can provide the human body. 

It is quite common knowledge that tea has antioxidants,  in the form of catechins, thearubigin and theaflavin.  These antioxidants prevent rapid oxidation of human cells and therefore, can delay the aging process.  They can also protect the body from age-related illnesses and other degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart ailments.  In a study conducted by Kenichi Yanagimoto, Oolong ranks second to green tea, followed by black tea in terms of the level of antioxidants present in each.  This comparative study also shows that Oolong tea can prevent all types of oxidation in a matter of two weeks.

Other benefits of Oolong tea include the following:

1.  Hypertension

Regular drinking of Oolong tea can reduce risks of high blood pressure by about fifty percent, for one cup daily and up to about sixty percent for drinking at least two cups daily.

2.  Diabetes

Oolong tea can help diabetic patients moderate their blood glucose levels.  As proven by several studies done in Taiwan, patients who were given 1.5 liters of this tea  daily for about a month decreased their plasma glucose level to about 30%. Those who were given only plain water did not show such improvement.

3.  Skin Diseases

A research study conducted at the Shina University showed that skin diseases such as eczema or other antibiotic resistant skin infections can be treated by consuming 1 liter of Oolong tea (using about 10 grams of Oolong leaves) daily.  The skin of infected patients improved considerably in  about two weeks after drinking Oolong regularly.

4.  Cardiovascular Health

In a study involving rats, there was a decrease in the level of triglycerides in the blood stream of rats who were given regular doses of Oolong tea.  These results complement other studies in Japan which also prove that Oolong tea can control spikes in blood cholesterol within a month of regularly drinking the tea.  Several researches conducted by the Osaka City University also stated that the high adiponectin found in this tea can help people fight obesity, cardiovascular diseases and type two diabetes.

5.  Weight Loss

There are now health beverages that contain Oolong tea which are recommended for people who are trying to lose weight.  Oolong is a natural metabolism booster and fat burner. A good weight loss program includes a low calorie, nutritious diet, a good regimen of daily exercises and regular intake of Ooloong tea.  Typically, people who follow this program can lose about 1-2 pounds a week.

On top of all these, drinking this healthy tea can also help you fight tooth decay because of its anti bacterial properties.  It does not leave an ugly stain on the teeth, the way coffee does. 

In a book on Chinese traditional medicine, Bencao Shiryi suggests drinking tea in order to sustain a longer, healthier life.  It only takes several glasses of Oolong tea daily  to help you gain that healthy advantage and look good at the same time!

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