Build Your Body With Tea

If you are interested in weight loss or muscle building, you're probably aware of the wide range of supplements on the market intended to help you achieve your goals. But did you know that tea is among those ingredients?

Green tea has long been seen as a traditional digestive aid in many Asian countries, and more recently, as a more healthful alternative to higher-caffeinated beverages. But green tea has properties that are beneficial to bodybuilding, too.

Green Tea In Your Workouts

Green tea contains caffeine. Not as much as a cup of coffee or a sugary soda, but delivered in a lot more healthy of a package. Caffeine in small to moderate amounts can enhance your performance for a workout, giving you an energy boost that helps you work out longer. In the long run, green tea can help boost your muscle gains a little faster.

Green tea is loaded with anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help round up the free radicals in your system after a workout and get rid of them, protecting your cells from damage.

The tannins present in green tea act as astringents, aiding in shrinking tissue and improving digestion. If you are taking in extra calories to bulk up, green tea can help you use those calories more efficiently.

Green tea also contains catechins, a type of poly-phenol. These catechins, in addition to having anti-oxidant properties, also increase your metabolism, helping you to burn fat more quickly and more efficiently.

Other catechins present in green tea also aid in reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Green tea is considered by many to be "heart-healthy" because it helps improve your circulation and protects against heart disease.

How Much Is Enough?

While green tea is present in many supplements in capsule and other powder forms, the best way to take green tea is the old-fashioned way--by enjoying a freshly-brewed cup!

Three cups of green tea spread out over the day is the accepted recommendation. Schedule a cup of green tea before your muscle-building workout to give you a performance boost. To receive the best benefit from green tea, space out your enjoyment of your three cups throughout the day.

How Much Is Too Much?

Green tea, like anything used without moderation, can have some side effects. Too much green tea can make you as jittery as any beverage containing caffeine. Those taking over 4 or 5 cups a day usually report side effects. Be sure to check your other supplements. If you are enjoying green tea by the cup, make sure that your cups, plus your supplements containing green tea, are not exceeding the recommended daily doses. As always, if you are experiencing side effects--stop right away.

Green tea has blood-thinning properties, so don't combine it with aspirin or other blood-thinning medication. Excessive amounts of green tea can increase your blood pressure or exacerbate diabetic conditions.

Green tea shouldn't be taken with MAOI inhibitors or beta blockers as it can raise your blood pressure.

Use green tea judiciously in your workouts, and you could see an increase in the effectiveness of your bodybuilding efforts.

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