Herbal Teas & Immunity

Almost every organ in the body involves the immune system. Most glands, white blood cells, lymph nodes and bone marrow are also involved. The immune system is what keeps humans healthy. It is paramount in preventing both common illnesses and life threatening illnesses. With that in mind, it’s wise to keep the immune system up to par and working well within the body. But where do you begin?  

First, know your body. There are several signs that indicate the immune system is not working well. They can include catching a cold frequently and feeling under the weather most of the time. Yeast infections, fatigue, chronic diarrhea, inflammations, and infections or wounds that never seem to get better are also signs. A flair up of allergies is also an indication that something is just not right in the immune system. 

The one organ in the body that is primary in ridding the body of toxins is the liver. The liver is a very important organ within the immune system and a malfunction causes illness. There are several herbs taken in tea form that cleanses the liver allowing it to release toxins that get into the body. Dandelion tea is an excellent cleanser. Drink a cup or two of tea a day for about one week then stop. This should flush the liver and keep it healthy for quite some time. 

The lymph glands join with the liver to reduce toxins in the body.  Lymph is a clear liquid that runs through the body through a system of channels that go in and out of blood vessels and nourish cells. It empties into glands that extract bacteria and other unnecessary materials. Any kind of infection causes the glands to swell, an indication something is wrong in the body. The lymph glands collect toxins then send them to the liver that expels them from the body.  Some good herbal teas to keep the lymph glands healthy and prevent infection are red clover, mullein, Echinacea and wild indigo. 

After an illness, it is important to get the immune system back up and running smoothly. Several herbal teas strengthen immunity after an illness. They include calendula, chamomile, burdock and red clover. A study in Italy found several herbs that stimulate the immune system.  They include thyme, lavender, bergamot and rosemary. Make these teas any time to give it an extra boost but do not drink it constantly day after day. Many times, the body becomes used to the herb and it no longer gives that extra boost. 

Brew a cup of herbal tea and drink one or two cups a day for about two weeks then stop for two weeks or longer to keep the effects strong. This is a wonderful preventative measure against colds, flu and other virus born illnesses. After having a cold or flu get the immune system back into shape by drinking herbal tea. 

By the way, regular tea helps too. Green tea and white tea in particular have high level of healthy anti-oxidants that keep your engine in tune, and running more smoothly. They have minor amounts of caffeine, but contribute greatly to a well-founded diet in moderation.

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